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Useful to mitigate flying pest infestation, chicken farms, poultry farms, wet market, vegetables farms.

Pesticide Free.

Controlling Houseflies
population is important in maintaining a healthy poultry barn environment.

Large numbers of flies can negatively impact poultry farms operations including:

  • some loss of poultry production

  • increased biosecurity risk

  • uncomfortable work environment

  • increased time and cost for house fly control

  • damage to equipment

  • extra cleaning costs between flocks, to remove fly excrement from equipment and building surfaces

Image by Zoe Schaeffer

Flies are vectors of disease-causing microorganisms

Common houseflies can carry up to 100 different kinds of pathogens. It is estimated that a single house fly can carry up to 1.9 million bacteria on its body and up to 33 million in its gut. Some of these pathogens cause diseases like dysentery, salmonella, diarrhoea, and polio in human beings.

Image by Jin Yeong Kim

Rubber Glue Trap for Poultry Farms

The HIT-ECO Rubber Solution Fly Glue Trap specifically formulated for poultry farms and it was made with right viscosity to allow you to easily apply the perfect amount of glue per string. 

Clear and odorless, non toxic, the sticky coating will NOT interfere with colour attractants and is specially formulated to adhere to any trapping surface. This allows you to prepare your own traps using the size and material which best suits your needs. May also be used to refresh existing traps.

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